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"Brandt Industries has been an excellent supplier for T&C Stamping. They not only assist us with developing the chemicals that best suit our parts washing/tumbling needs, but they also have excellent problem solving skills. The owner, Gary Brandt, has on several occasions, driven to our facility on the same day that we placed the call for support and always provides results."

-Jeff H.
T&C Stamping
Athens, AL

"I would like to thank Brandt Industries, and Especially Daniel Isennock. Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc. appreciates the urgency with which you respond to all of our manufacturing needs. Your knowledge of industrial processes and equipment, together with your plentiful expert contacts throughout the manufacturing world, have allowed Barrett additional flexibility with new products, processes, and expansions; with your professional support, we have been able to quickly determine our best course of action, acquire the necessary equipment, and be in full production and making money, while other companies are still in the research and planning phase or, at best waiting for equipment. In short, you help Barrett make more profits, faster! At a time when American Manufacturing Survival depends upon quickly putting money to the bottom line, we all need more companies like Brandt, and technical representatives like Daniel Isennock.
Thank you once again."

- John B.
Industrial Engineering Manager
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc.